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Water Closet Fittings

Ark is a pioneering name in the Water Closet and Flushing industry in India. We were one of the first in India to make Flush Cocks for use with the Flushing Pipes, thus avoiding the need for a space inside the toilet or bathroom for a separate storage tank. Ark’s Flush Cocks can be used continuously without interruption as long as there is water available for flushing in the Overhead storage Tanks. They are thus apt for usage in Public places, like airports and bus stations.

Ark also has a variety of Exposed and Concealed Flush Valves(F/V) that can be connected to the Overhead Storage Tanks directly and also have the added feature of automated Hydraulic enabled closure. This automatic closure can be regulated by customers to suit their needs and for water saving. Ark offers its Flush Valves(F/V) for all sizes 1”, 1-1/4” as well as 1-1/2”.

Recent addition in the Ark W/C product portfolio is the Behind the Wall (BTW) Cistern. Ark offers BTW Cisterns for both Indian style squat pans as well as Western Seating pans. Ark additionally offers an easy to offer Frame for the BTW cisterns for those who have thin walls or wooden walls. Ark BTW cisterns come with attractive push buttons for simple and easy flushing.

Other popular products in Ark’s W/c range include Health faucets and H/F sets - both by Ark as well as those imported from Bossini, Italy, Butterfly Jets and sets, Bidet Mixers, urinals as well sensor operated fittings for urinals and flushing.

Flush Valve FV

Flush Valve (F/V)

Code : 291
This valve is used as a substitute to flushing tank, adjoining the toilet seat which disposes human waste through a drain pipe to the sewer line or another location. Flush Valve (F/V) is placed between the WC and the water tank. In a FV the flushing can be done continuously without any gap. Per flush volume of water can be controlled. The FV can be manual (exposed or concealed) or Electronic (Sensor).

Fluch Cock FC

Fluch Cock (F/C)

Code : 357
Fluch Cock (F/C) allows water to flow directly from main tank to toilet bowl when its lever or button is pressed. The volume of water is controlled manually by hand; in case of a spring loaded FC, the closure is automatic. This is a very economical sanitary fitting & very popular in smaller towns.




Code : 546200
This is used with Urinals to spread water and clean the Urinal bowl. The spreader requires a faucet or valve for water control known as Urinal tap.

Urinal Tap

Urinal Tap

Code : 301
This faucet is connected the Urinal directly or through a spreader since some urinals have built in spreaders. This may be push type, manual turning or Sensor. Water can be adjusted or turned off as desired. Some models have built in filters.


Seat Jet

Seat Jet

Code : 107251-S
This is a metallic strip with a nozzle molded at the centre. The strip rests on the WC base at the back. The nozzle has a slim hole as an outlet which provides a water jet for cleansing the body after using the toilet. The seat jet needs to be combined with a connection pipe & a valve.

Shower Jet Hand Spray

Shower Jet (Hand Spray)

Code : M02010-S
This is used to help clean body after toilet use. Some people believe that water cleansing is a hygienic substitute for toilet paper. The shower jet may be single jet or a shower spray depending on its design. A combination of connection pipe and water control valve is desired with the shower jet. A soft towel or a toilet roll should be handy to pat dry the wet skin.


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